Articles relating to JavaScript.

Integrate Twitter Newsletters with API Routes

Last week newsletters started popping up on Twitter profiles, using their recently purchased service, Revue. But how do you create a newsletter and add subscribers from your website? Using Vercel API routes you can start collecting subscribers in minutes. Here's a quick guide.
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Live Cursors with Liveblocks & Next.js

Displaying other users' cursors live on-screen has always been tricky to implement... but no longer! Using Liveblocks on Next.js & Vercel, we can get it working in a matter of minutes. Open this page in another window, side-by-side, to see it in action!
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A Reactive Framework in 40 Lines

So how exactly do React & Vue work? It can be invaluable to understand the internals of a system, which is why in this article I'll be explaining one method to create a basic reactive framework (in just 40 lines of code).
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Dark Mode by Local Sunlight

Dark mode is increasingly appearing as an option on websites, but why not have it enable automatically? We can estimate the sunlight levels at a user's location, and apply the correct theme to soothe their eyes.
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