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Hey, I'm CTNicholas

I'm a design-minded developer specialising in web technologies. I like to write interactive articles and work on open-source projects.

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How to Use Next.js Middleware

With the release of Next.js 12, Vercel Edge Functions have been announced, allowing for super speedy edge-optimised functions. They can also be used as helpful Next.js middleware functions. In this article I'll explain what they are & how to use them, before diving into a few examples.
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Recent articles

Which Blend Mode?

Blend modes allow for a number of unique visual effects, handy for both UI elements and photo manipulation. This guide explains the basics behind each blend mode, and offers a number of practical examples for use in the wild.
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Dark Mode by Local Sunlight

Dark mode is increasingly appearing as an option on websites, but why not have it enable automatically? We can estimate the sunlight levels at a user's location, and apply the correct theme to soothe their eyes.
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